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27 April 2023

16 Mahajanapadas and Capital|GK Lokam|Ancient India History


16 Mahajanapadas  and Capital

Emergence of Kingdoms or Mahajanapadas

• From the sixth century bc, the widespread use of iron in eastern Uttar Pradesh and

Western Bihar facilitated the formation of large territorial states.

• Buddhist texts list the following 16 Mahajanapadas or major-janapadas as having been

in existence in the sixth century bc.

6 November 2019

25 Expected Questions on History of Rural Development

25 Expected Questions on History of Rural Development

1. Which one of the ancient dynasties was famous for village administration?
(a) Chola (b) Chera
(c) Pallava (d) Pandya

2. Who said ‘India lives in her villages’?
(a) Sardar Patel
(b) Jawaharlal Nehru
(c) Gandhiji (d) Vinoba Bhave

50 Expected Questions on Mahatma Gandhi PART 1

50 Expected Questions on Mahatma Gandhi PART 1

1. Gandhiji wrote Hind Swaraj in: 1909

2. Name the leader who last met Gandhiji for about an hour and left
him just few minutes before he was shot dead on January 30, 1948 while on his way to the prayer meeting- Sardar Patel

3. The year of Ahmedabad Mill strike in which Gandhiji observed hunger strike for the first time? 

4. Where the All India Khilafat Conference was held under the
presidentship of Gandhiji? 

5. Who was deputed by Gandhiji to lead the anti-tax campaign in Bardoli?
Vallabh Bhai Patel

6. Whom Gandhiji declared as his political heir? 
Jawaharlal Nehru

7. Gandhiji was assassinated at the age of: 79

8. Gandhiji was imprisoned for ...... days in India. 

9. Who was Gokuldas Makanji to Gandhiji? 
Father in law

10. Who was known as the ‘spiritual heir’ of Mahathma Gandhi? Vinoba Bhave

11. Who was selected as the second Satyagrahi when Gandhiji launched individual Satyagraha in 1940?
Jawaharlal Nehru

12. Whom Gandhiji called Rajarshi?
Purushotham Das Tandon

13. Why Gandhiji called for the boycott of the Simon Commission? None of the members were Indians

14. In which year Gandhiji went to South Africa for the first time? 1893

16. In which year Gandhiji decided to return to India from South Africa?

17. In which year Gandhiji started Phoenix settlement near Durban?

18. Gandhiji Visited Sri Narayana Guru? 

19. In which year Mahadev Desai, the private secretary of Gandhiji passed away? 

20. Porbander, the birth place of Gandhiji is famous as the birth place of the which epic charecter? 


21. The capital of which Indian state is named after Gandhiji? Gujarat

22. The date in which Gandhiji violated salt law in Dandi beach: 1930 April 6

23. The father of Gandhiji: Karam Chand Gandhi

24. Gandhi ended his fast in Yervada prison which he started after the Communal Award of Ramsay Mc Donald: Pune Pact

25. Gandhiji got Barrister at Law from: England

26. Gandhiji was assassinated on: 30th January 1948

27. In 1924 Gandhiji became the president of Indian National Congress.The session was held at:

28. In which state the Sevagram Ashram of Mahathma Gandhi is situated?

29. The grand father of Gandhiji: Uttamchand Gandhi

30. The leader who was born on the birth anniversary of Gandhiji i.e. October 2: Lal Bahadur Shastri

31. The saint who influenced very much the life of Gandhiji: Rai Chand Bhai

32. Which agitation was ended as a result of Gandhi-Irwin Pact? Civil Disobedience movement

33. Who helped Gandhiji to organise the meeting of Indians in Pretoria? 
Tyab Haji Khan

34. In which language Gandhiji started the publication of ‘Navjeevan’?

35. In which year Gandhiji founded Tolstoy Farm in Johannesberg? 1910

36. In which year the first son of Gandhiji was born? 1888

37. The incident which compelled Gandhiji to repeal non-cooperation movement? 
Chauri-Chaura incident

38. The political guru of Gandhiji: Gopala Krishna Gokhale

39. Who was the first editor of Indian Opinion? 
Mansukhlal Nazer

40. Who was the secretary of Mahathma Gandhi after the demise of Mahadev Desai: Pyarelal

41. “The light has gone out, Darkness everywhere” who made this statement when Gandhiji was assassinated?
Jawaharlal Nehru

42. Gandhiji was born on: 2nd October

43. In Chauri Chaura incident the mob attacked: Police Station

44. In which year Kasturba Gandhi passed away? 1944

45. The British king whom Gandhiji visited when he reached London for the Round Table Conference: George V

46. The educational system propounded by Mahathma Gandhi: Nayee Thalim

47. In which year Gandhiji conducted his last Satyagraha? 

48. In which year Gandhiji formed Indian Ambulance Corps during the Boer War? 

49. The first son of Gandhiji: Harilal

50. The headquarters of Navjeevan trust established by Gandhiji in 1929:Ahmedabad