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6 November 2019

50 Expected Questions on Chemistry| Chemistry Questions and Answers

50 Expected Questions on Chemistry| Chemistry Questions and Answers

1. The substance that can be used as a hypnotic: Barbituric acid

2. The ‘fixing agent’ used in photograhic film is: Sodium thiosulphate

3. The maximum concentration of ozone is found in the: Stratosphere

4. The Halogen which is used as an antiseptic: Iodine

5. The lightest noble gas: Helium 

6. Cetane number is used to rate: Diesel

7. Plaster of Paris is prepared by heating: Gypsum

8. The heaviest of Alkaline earth metals: Radium

9. Which metal foil is used for packing chocolates, medicines, cigarettes etc?

10. As per Avogadro’s hypothesis, equal volume of different gases at the same temperature and pressure contain equal number of: molecules

11. The element with the largest number of isotopes: Tin

12. Which property of copper and aluminium makes them suitable for making cooking utensils and boilers? 
High thermal conductivity

13. Silver objects turn dark on prolonged exposure to air due to the formation of: Silver sulphide

14. In which type of rocks petroleum is found?

15. The green coating on the surface of copper objects kept exposed to moist air is due to the formation of: Basic copper carbonate 

16. What is the full form of P.V.C.? Poly Venyl Chloride

17. Hydrogen in liquid form is used as: rocket fuel

18. In which form cooking gas is supplied cylinders for domestic consumption?

19. The process used in dairies to separate cream from milk is: Centrifugation

20. Radio Carbon dating was discovered by: Willard Franck Libby

21. Development of unpleasant smell and taste in oil and fat containing food items due to oxidation of atmospheric oxygen is called: Rancidity

22. An anti-oxidant often added to fat containing foods to prevent rancidity: Butyrated hydroxi anisole

23. The most abundant type of coal: Bituminous

24. Pigments obtained from plants can be separated by: Chromatography

25. Which is called the ‘Mother of Pearl’?

26. Teflon, the tough and fire resistant polymer, containing the halogen: Flourine

27. The glass used to make optical instruments: Flint glass

28. Molish test is used to detect the presence of: Carbohydrates

29. The acid used to make permanent writing on the surface of glass: Hydrofluric acid

30. What is the full form of LPG? Liquified Petroleum Gas

31. Cyclonite is also known as: RDX

32. A non metal other than carbon which shows allotropy is: Sulphur

33. The radio active isotope used to determine the activity of thyroid gland is: Iodine-131

34. Camphor can be separated from sand by: Sublimation

35. Which halogen is contained in DDT?

36. Smoke, fog and mist are examples of: Aerosols

37. Iron that contains the highest percentage of carbon: Pig Iron

38. Acidity in milk is caused by: The activity of enzymes

39. Which element has the lowest melting point? Helium

40. The element with the highest density-Osmium

41. The lightest metal: Lithium

42. The element with the highest boiling point: Tungsten

43. Which element has the second highest density? 

44. The most abundant metal in human body:Calcium

45. What percent of the atmosphere is Oxygen?

46. What percent of the mass of human body is Oxygen?

47. The most common element on the earth’s crust by mass: Oxygen

48. The most abundant element in the moon: Oxygen

49. Which metal has the highest melting point? 

50. The most abundant metal in the whole earth: Iron