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24 November 2019

English grammar MCQ Kerla PSC|English Grammar Questions Set 4

 English grammar MCQ Kerla PSC|English  Grammar Questions Set 4

 In this post, English grammar MCQ Questions are included. These Questions are helpful for any competitive Exams like Kerala PSC,RRB,SSC, and UPSC. Subsribe to this website www.gklokam.in for more updates.

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71.Let me have a look,---?

(a) do you
(b) wil you
(c) have you
(d)haven’t you

72. Would you mind.

(a) opening the window
(b) open the window
(c) opened the window
(d) to open the window

73.The teacher asked the students----

(a) who are absent today
(b) who were absent today

(c) who are absent that day
(d) who were absent that day

74. Rajesh---------the bank in1990.

(a) has joined
(b) have joined
(c)is joined
(d) joined

75.Have you got an electric blanket---------your bed.

(a) in
(c) on
(d) for

76.He decided to fight for justice------

(a)at all costs

(b) in all costs
(c) to all costs
(d) from all costs

77.There is a policeman standing----------

(a) at the corner
(b) in the corner
(c) on the corner
(d) above the corner

78.If I have the money---a car.

(a) I would buy
(b) I will buy
(c) I would have bought
(d) bought

79.I always ----- my revision notes just before I go into an examination.

(a) go in
(b) go at
(c) go over
(d) go on

80.The belief that God is everything and everything is God---

(a) Pantheism
(b) Atheism
(c) Monotheism
(d) Polytheism

81.The word nearest in meaning to 'Futile'..........

(a) Fruitful
(b) Profitable
(c) Angry
(d) Vain

82.The Correctly spelt word is.......

(a) embarassment
(b) embarrasment
(c) embarrassment
(d) emberassment

83.The antonym of ‘Barbarous' is.......

(a) Savage

(b) Civilized
(c) Rude
(d) Harsh

84.‘Go to the dogs' means

(a) be ruined
(b) search
(c) go after the dogs
(d) run fast

85 . Afleet of 20......

(a) stars
(b) ants
(c) cattles
(d) ships


(a) Hoot

(b) Hiss
(c) Squeak
(d) Grunt

87......... his popularity, he didn't win the election.

(a) Though
(b) Although
(c) Inspite of

(d) Depite of

88. Copper is... useful metal

(a) an
(b) the
(c) that
(d) a

89. Teaching is a........ Profession

(a) respectable
(b) respective
(c) respectful
(d) respectfully

90.You had better.

(a) locked the door
(b) locking the door
(c) lock the door
(d) to lock the door

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 English grammar MCQ Kerla PSC|English  Grammar Questions|Kerala PSC|Kerala PSC English Grammar

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