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24 November 2019

English grammar MCQ Kerla PSC|English Grammar Questions

 English grammar MCQ Kerla PSC|English  Grammar Questions

 In this post, English grammar MCQ Questions are included. These Questions are helpful for any competitive Exams like Kerala PSC,RRB,SSC, and UPSC. Subsribe to this website www.gklokam.in for more updates.

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1176. Select the word which meaning ‘small branch’:

(a) Bit (b) Stick
(c) Twig (d) Log

1177. The book is not only interesting but also _____.

(a) intruding (b) intrinsic
(c) endearing (d) instructive

1178. Choose the word that is closest in meaning to the word ‘IMMUNITY’:

(a) Disinclination (b) Freedom
(c) Protection (d) Apathy

1179. Find the word that is wrongly spelt:

(a) Courageous (b) Encourage
(c) Vicious (d) Majistrate

1180. The word which is nearest in meaning to the word ‘illustrious’:

(a) Splendid (b) Outstanding
(c) Famous (d) Powerful

1181. Everybody is happy, ____?

(a) is they (b) are they
(c) isn’t they (d) aren’t they

1182. I have never met Osama Bin Laden ____ do I want to. (negative conjunction):

(a) nor (b) neither
(c) or (d) either

1183. The past participle form of ‘throw’:

(a) Throwed (b) Threw
(c) Throw (d) Thrown

1184. ‘Faux pas’ means:

(a) False step (b) A meeting
(c) Free of charge (d) In reality

1185. ‘Ingenious’ means:

(a) Foolish (b) Mismanaged
(c) Clever (d) Cowardly

1186. I am thinking of ____my parents.

(a) to visit (b) visit
(c) visiting (d) visited

1187. A person of much or varied learning:

(a) Truant (b) Pedant
(c) Polyglot (d) Polymath

1188. ‘A square deal’ means:

(a) A good bargain \
(b) A hidden enemy
(c) Unfounded suspicion
(d) A strange person

1189. If I ___ a lot of money, I would travel round the world.

(a) have (b) had
(c) am having (d) would have

1190. Things haven’t changed ____ over the past few decades.

(a) much (b) more
(c) many (d) few

1191. The meaning of ‘Physique’:

(a) Medicine (b) Related to physics
(c) Bodily structure (d)Financial status

1192. He is regarded as Manager’s right hand man. (Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase underlined)

(a) Good follower (b) Close relative
(c) Most efficient assistant
(d) Psychopath

1193. Which is nearly opposite in meaning to the word ‘Deterioration’?

(a) Revision (b) Improvement
(c) Reformation (d) Amendment

1194. If we have faith in ___ Almighty everything will turn out to be all right.

(a) a (b) an
(c) the (d) None of these

1195. ‘Dainty’ means:

(a) Refined (b) Groom
(c) Trap (d) Alien

1196. The function was organised by the Department of tourism, the first batch of the French tourists were accorded ___ rousing reception.

(a) an (b) a
(c) the (d) some

1197. Science is the study of cause and _____.

(a) effort (b) event
(c) experience (d) effect

1198. He _____ Rs.1000 out of the bank every Sunday.

(a) extracts (b) pulls
(c) draws (d) obtains

1199. I shall take revenge ___ you.

(a) in (b) on
(c) to (d) into

1200. One of the students ____ lost his pen.

(a) have (b) is
(c) has (d) was

1201. The children have gone on a picnic with _____ parents.

(a) his (b) her
(c) its (d) their

1202. He is taller than his brother ___ three inches.

(a) at (b) in
(c) to (d) by

1203. An error which implies the misplacing of persons or events in time:

(a) Analogy (b) Synchronisation
(c) Anachronism (d) Anarchy

1204. ‘To call a spade a spade’ means:

(a) To speak frankly (b) To speaksecretly (c) Speak loudly
(d) Speak confidently

1205. A place where one lives permanently:

(a) Mansion (b) Sedentary
(c) Utopia (d) Domicile

1206. Which is opposite in meaning to ‘DESPISE’?

(a) Appease (b) Flatter
(c) Admire (d) Appreciate

1207. I am _____ of success in the University examination.

(a) confidant (b) confident
(c) conform (d) None of these

1208. How can I atone ____ my misdeeds?

(a) for (b) to
(c) on (d) in

1209. The home of Gypsy:

(a) Caravan (b) Palace
(c) Den (d) Asylum

1210. ‘Altercation’ means:

(a) One by one (b) Change
(c) Final (d) Quarrel

1211. A great number of people ____ come to visit the exhibition.

(a) was (b) were
(c) has (d) have

1212. The father breathed his last before the return of his _____ son.

(a) Prodigal (b) Prodigy
(c) prodigious (d)None of these

1213. I shall do it _____ pleasure.

(a) in (b) at
(c) by (d) with

1214. ‘Per se’ means:

(a) In itself (b) Per day
(c) Per year (d) In proportion

1215. Find out which part of the sentence has an error?

(a) By the time I
(b) reached the railway station
(c) the train has been leaving
(d) No error

1216. His statement was tantamount _____ a confession.

(a) to (b) from
(c) for (d) because

1217. It’s the early bird that catches the_____.

(a) flower (b) worm
(c) food (d) enemy

1218. To cause troops etc to spread out in readiness for battle:

(a) Collocate (b) Disperse
(c) Align (d) Deploy

1219. Before they got into the bus, all the seats ____ occupied.

(a) were (b) have been
(c) would have been (d) had been

1220. Person who rules without consulting the opinion of others.

(a) Autocrat (b) Democrat
(c) Fanatic (d) Bureaucrat

1221. Unemployment is a _____ problem.

(a) reluctant (b) despite
(c) burning (d) agony

1222. ‘Hue and cry’ means:

(a) With all the power
(b) Loud and persistent outcry from many people
(c) A useless cry (d) Indefinitely

1223. Find out the meaning of the word ‘DWINDLE’ from the alternatives given below:

(a) Blow (b) Inhabit
(c)Spin (d) Lessen

1224. Our path is beset ____ difficulties.

(a) with (b) at
(c) by (d) for

1225. Pick out the correctly spelt word:

(a) Abbreviation (b) Abreviation
(c) Abbriviation (d) Abreviation


1176(c) 1177(d) 1178(c) 1179(d) 1180(c)1181(d) 1182(a) 1183(d) 1184(a) 1185(c)1186(c) 1187(d) 1188(a) 1189(b) 1190(a)1191(c) 1192(c) 1193(b) 1194(c) 1195(a)1196(b) 1197(d) 1198(c) 1199(b) 1200(c)1201(d) 1202(d) 1203(c) 1204(a) 1205(d)1206(c) 1207(b) 1208(a) 1209(a) 1210(d)1211(d) 1212(a) 1213 (d) 1214(a) 1215(c)
1216(a) 1217(b) 1218(d) 1219(d) 1220(a)1221(c) 1222(b) 1223(d) 1224(a) 1225(a)

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