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20 October 2019

Tissues and Types of Tissues in Human Body

Tissues and Types of Tissues in Human Body


Tissues are groups of connected cells. 
Many tissues are made entirely from one type of cell. 
The four main types of tissue in the human body are;
  1. Connective tissue
  2. Epithelial tissue
  3. Muscular tissue
  4. Nervous tissue


1. Connective tissue

dense tissue is the body's "glue", filling the space between other
tissues and organs, and binding them together. 
Examples include adipose tissue (fat), bone, and blood.

2. Epithelial tissue

Epithelial tissue is Made up of three main shapes of cell,epithelial tissue lines and covers surfaces inside and outside the body.
It forms skin and the lining of body cavities such as the gut and lungs.

3. Muscle tissue

Built from long, thin cells, muscle tissue can relax and contract to allow muscles to move bones. 
It also helps sustain blood pressure and carry food through the digestive system.

4.Nerve tissue

Large groups of nerve cells create nervous tissue. 
This forms the brain,spinal cord, and masses of nerves that work together in the nervous system, the body's high-speed communications network.

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