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24 November 2019

English grammar MCQ Kerla PSC|English Grammar Questions Set 2

 English grammar MCQ Kerla PSC|English  Grammar Questions Set 2

 In this post, English grammar MCQ Questions are included. These Questions are helpful for any competitive Exams like Kerala PSC,RRB,SSC, and UPSC. Subsribe to this website www.gklokam.in for more updates.

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George cultivated vegetables in large scale last year, but this year he.......

(a) was not grew any (b) is not growing any (c) was not growing any (d) is not grow any

Gopi is an illiterate, but his son is studying....... a university.

(a) in (b) on(c) for (d) at

I Wrote down her phone number in case.

(a) I forgot it(b) I will forget it(c) I will forgot it(d) I forget it

A person who suffered for a noble cause is called.

(a) a martyr (b) a hero (c) a protagonist (d) a martyrdom

Being childless for a pretty long period Carrels decided to....... a child.

(a) adept (b) adapt(c) adopt (d)abduct

A.......... is a fully grown male horse.

(a) mule (b) stallion (c) mare (d) pony

It is time We...... the Work.

(a) start (b) had started (c) will start(d) started

Find out the most acceptable sentence from the given list:

(a) Inspite the heavy rain the match went on
(b) Despite the heavy rain the match went on
(c) If I were a bird, I will fly to my home
(d) England can able to beat Pakistan in the World Cup.

Pick out the phrasal verb which means the word underlined:


Terrorists attacked the patrolling soldiers.

(a)went at (b)go off(c)go at(d)went off

The Word 'adjourn' means:

(a) postpone
(b) arrange

(c ) collect
(d) add

Find out the word with opposite meaning of 'arrogant':

(a) flexible
(b) proud
(c ) polite
(d) humble

Colt is the young one of a ----

(a) Cat
(b) Horse
(c ) Tiger
(d) Goat

Add proper tag question: No one will come here, -----?

(a) will they?
(b) won't they?
(c ) will he?
(d) will anyone?

Fill in the blanks using correct word or expression 

 One of my colleagues ---- attended the seminar.

(a) is
(b) are
(c ) has
(d) have

 She ----- singing when I entered the room.

(a) is
(b) will be
(c ) has been
(d) was

 He has decided to ------- his visit to Chennai.

(a) put aside
(b) put forward
(c ) put back
(d) put off

 I ----- English since 1995.

(a) am studying
(b) was studying
(c ) have been studying
(d) were studying

 Prasanth is taller than

(a) me
(b) my
(c ) I
(d) mine

 Prevention is better than

(a) care
(b) cure
(c ) share
(d) prayer

Mother Theresa ---- 1910.

(a) born in
(b) was born in
(c ) is born in
(d) born on

 She met him ----- year ago.

(a) the
(b) an
(c ) a
(d) some

 He was too worried...

(a) so that he cannot sleep
(b) to sleep
(c) that he slept
(d) not to sleep

Choose the phrasal verb which means 'demand'.

(a) call for
(b) call off
(c) call at
(d) call up

Find out the Wrongly spelt word.

(a) forbidden
(b) magnittude
(c) crystalline
(d) attribute

 A person who works when his fellow Workers are on strike

(a) black leg
(b) black amoor
(c) black guard
(d) black out

Fill in the blanks using correct preposition

The stranger knocked ----- the door.
(a) at
(b) in
(c) on
(d) over

From the given set of sentences choose the one which is ‘Incorrect’


(a) He usually drinks tea.
(b) Here comes the train!
(c) He has been ill since yesterday.
(d) Are these boys playing in the garden everyday?


(a) Asoka was one of the greatest kings
(b) Asoka was greater than many other kings
(c) Very few kings were so great as Asoka
(d) No other kings were great than Asoka


(a) My spectacles are on the table
(b) The students as well as their teacher are responsible
(c) My neighbour with all his children have returned
(d) Politics is his favourite subject

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