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6 March 2020

WILD LIFE- India- Geography

WILD LIFE- India- Geography

Forests are home to a variety of wild life. There are thousands of species of animals and a large variety of reptiles, amphibians, mammals, birds, insects and worms which dwell in the forest.

The tiger is our national animal. It is found in various parts of the country. 

Gir forest in Gujarat is the home of Asiatic lions

Elephants and one-horned rhinoceroses roam in the forests of Assam. 

Elephants are also found in Kerala and Karnataka. 

Camels and wild asses are found in the Great Indian desert and the Rann of Kuchchh respectively.

Wild goats, snow leopards, bears, etc. are found in the Himalayan region. 

Besides these, many other animals are found in our country such as monkey, wolf, jackal, nilgai, cheetal, etc.

bird life in India

India is equally rich in bird life. 

The peacock is our national bird. Other common birds are parrots, pigeons, mynah, geese, bulbul and ducks. 

There are several bird sanctuaries which have been created to give birds their natural habitat.

These provide the birds protection from hunters. 

There are several hundreds of species of snakes found in India. 

Cobras and kraits are important among them.

Due to cutting of forests and hunting, several species of wildlife of India are declining rapidly. Many species have already become extinct.

In order to protect them many national parks, sanctuaries and biosphere reserves have been set up. 

The Government has also started Project Tiger and Project Elephant to protect these animals. 

conserving wildlife.

You can also contribute in conserving wildlife. 

You can refuse to buy things made from parts of the bodies of animals such as their bones, horns, fur, skins, and feathers. 

Every year we observe wildlife week in the first week of October, to create awareness of conserving the habitats of the animal kingdom.

Migratory Birds

Some birds such as Pintail Duck, Curlews, Flamingo, Osprey and Little Stint migrate to our country in winter season every year. Smallest migratory bird Little Stint Weighing as low as 15 gram, from Arctic region travel over 8000 km to reach India.

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